A snowy day…perfect for sex if you ask me…

My wife and I decided to take a nice ATV ride through the snow packed mountains. It was a cool 25 degree afternoon. We put on our heavy coats, gloves, snow pants & and some nice warm boots. We put gas in the ATV and were on our way.

Nothing better than a blizzard laying fresh snow as you fly through it on your ATV. There was a lake about 7500 feet that we decided to venture off too. We had been there many times in the summer, but we had never been there in the winter so we thought it would be fun to check it out.

With the it being a blizzard the mountains were silent. We were the only ones on the mountain top making our way to the top. The snow was getting deeper and deeper the higher we got up. We finally reached the base of the lake and we couldn’t go any further, so we decided to walk the rest of the way, which was only about 100 yards.

We were cold and stiff from the ride so it was nice to get walking around. We threw snowballs and tackled each other along the way having a good time. We finally came up the ridge and there it was, an iced over lake that looked smooth as silk. Usually Snowmobiles are all over it during the winter, but not yet, the new blizzard covered up any previous tracks so it was just a sheet of white fluffy snow.

We sat down and just enjoyed the view. We started kissing and just enjoying the moment. One thing led to another and I eventually worked my way down her snow pants with my hands. After all I had to warm them up right? After playing with her clit for a bit she started getting juicy…that was my clue things were going to get good.

She took my rock hard cock out of my snow pants. She started sucking my penis like it was hot chocolate. It was such a turn on watching her suck my cock while it was snowing and being out in the mountains. What a feeling.

Her pussy was now dripping wet and ready for a rock hard penis. She didn’t want to take her snow pants off because that would have been freezing on her ass, so we had to work things for a minute to get the snow pants just right. We pulled the front of her snow pants down enough for me to slide my cock in your pink wet pussy. Her pussy was so warm it just sucked up my cock. She immediately began to moan.

I began fu**ing her so hard we were melting the snow as fast as it was falling. About 30 seconds later we both began orgasming and I have never heard her so load. She was moaning and moaning and got louder and louder, it was such a turn on. We were just thrusting as hard as we could until we both peaked and cum was squirting up her pussy like a fire hose putting out a forest fire.

We both laid there exhausted just letting the snow fall on our red sweaty faces. We looked at each other and smiled. We both new that was the most exotic sex we’ve ever had. Her moans just echoing through the canyon was awesome. If there was another human being in that canyon at all, they heard us. I’m sure we scared a few animals as well.

We decided it was time to head back down the canyon before the snow got to deep to get out. She got up and all the sperm started pouring out. We both started laughing. She cupped her hand under her pussy and gather it all and cleaned up with the snow. How perfect is that?

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